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How time fies.!

My school life is over.

Here're what I want to say to classmates,teachers.

I love my teachers so much,beacause they teach me a lot .

When I was in trouble ,they gave me a hand .

When I failed the exam,they gave me a smile.

And they tell me not to give up.

In a word,thank them so much at the bottle of my heart.

I will miss them though I am not their student any longer.

I enjoy myself with my classmates .I got on well with them.

And I never forget them because they are very good.

Most importantly,many happy moments about us are kept in my memory.

I'll try my best to suady that I can Return my school.

I had a good time in school and I learn a lot of Knowlegle from my beautiful school


First, online-learning is a flexible way. The traditional way of study is to sit on the classroom, but now, people can sit at home, or sit at the coffee shop, they can have access to the knowledge. It is convenient and efficient, people can learn if they want, there is no need to worry about the location.第一,网上学习是一种灵活的方式。



Second, online-learning can save a lot of money. When people want to take the course, they have to hand in a lot of money, buying books, paying for the teachers. While study online can skip over these unnecessary stuff, people can listen to the course immediately, they just need to click on the button. How fast it is, people can save money and also gain knowledge.第二,网上学习可以省很多钱。




Online-learning is a new way for gaining knowledge, online courses are flexible, cheap and saving time. With these, I believe online study will become more popular in the future.网上学习是一种新的学习知识的方法,网上课程灵活,便宜,省时。



English Is, Well, EnglishWe are all learning English, a little, a lot, sometimes, every day. Why do we all learn it? It is likely that we do not need it. Why? Because it is not very useful!When I go shopping at Wal-mart, I do not need English. When I go to McDonald's, I do not need English. When I go to KFC, I do not need English. Why do we learn it?We need it for tests, and tests only. Do I want to go to college? Yes, I do. Do I need English to go to college? No, I don't. Why do I have to take a test in English, if my tests in Chinese are OK?I don't know. When I am asked to write some English, I cannot. When I am asked to speak English to an Englishman or an Englishwoman, I cannot. Why do I have to learn English when I cannot use it?Because we all need to use English to review our Chinese! We turn English into Chinese, that is reviewing Chinese. When we read English, we cannot think in English, but only in Chinese. That is, again, reviewing Chinese.Why do we use English to review Chinese, all the time?I really don't know.












My high school English in general, but the accumulation of three years through the university, but also learned a lot from that and have made great progress, so that only a long-term commitment, through quantitative, it be possible to achieve a qualitative leap. Time freshman English is still very conservative, so just to hear this teaching of English Li Yang also feel very fresh, so each bedroom in which he bought a book, I remember that I bought was "Love English", because it said there to learn English is boring, but romantic love is


Because of the school system that we have in our Country, the English exam seems to be more important everyday. But i think people start to forget that English is actually a language that more than 20% of people in the world speak every day in their daily life. I am not a supporter of reggress English exams like we are having right now, the reason is that as foreign speaker of English, we should spractice more in real life or in classes, testing is just a format to memorize all of the words or grammers that we leant rather using it effectively in real life when we needed to.


The Feeling Of StudyI'd be very glad to tell you that feeling is very great . Maybe you're still too young to work outsaid,you'll have the same feeling as me when you must enter the social.I still remember that "reader is the most happier in the world". You know,when I have to go outsaid to survive ,I feel very up set sometimes ,because the hard work and the bad enviroment makes me out of breath .so everyone,please seize every minute of studying and the life ,to be the best happier.


My college life I am proud of being a college student. I like my college life as it is so wonderful time in my youth. As being born in small village of the remote countryside, I didn't have a good education environment. However, I set a goal and felt confident to be a college student. After hard study, I passed the entrance examination of national college by excellent achievement. All people were proud of me, as I was the first college student in my village. I was farewell warmly by them when I came to school. I was warmly welcome by school, too. After then, I've felt my study is not only for myself but also for the honor of my village neighborhood and our school. The college life is wonderful. All life in school are fresh. New teachers, new classmates and fresh friends are around me. I've felt their friendship, wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand library, school buildings and wide playground are very attracting to me. I am very eager to learn much knowledge quickly. In high school, I was ever called as a runner before time. Now,I know I am behind time so much in fact. I hope to catch up with the time by my hard studying. Every day, you can see me get up early, doing exercise hard and go to school the first one. At night, I am the one who leaves away the library. The most interesting thing is that I can't speak the PUTONGHUA well and made many funny events at the beginning, as I am from South. When I entered the classroom at first time, I was headache as I couldn't understand what the professor was speaking. I met much difficulties at math, physics and other courses, even though I used to be good at these sciences. Therefore, I learn these courses myself after class. After three months, the exmination indicated that I overcame all the difficlties. I also improved my listening and spoken ability of Chinese quickly. Communication is very important to my college life. I study English hard as well. It makes me have many chances to communicate with foreigners. I made friends with many foreign teachers and students. From them, I learn many knowledge about foreign cultures. The computer room is another place I like to staying. I contact the outside world by the internet. All the News, advance science, and the information about internal and outside of China. Besides study, my college life is also very colorful. I'd like to take any chance to improve my communication skill. I am the monitor and playing an active role in class and school. Last year, I organized a speech match in management department. All the classmates were very interested in this kind of activity. I learned from them much about their hometown, their knowledge and opinions. At the same time, I shew my beautiful hometown to everyone. In school, I take care all the classmates around me. I am so poor due to from the romote countryside. The school pay most the fee for my education. I feel very happy. However, I know some classmates are poorer than me. I am willing to care them and encourage each other. My college life is long and short. I believe that I can spend a good time in the four years. I hope I will have no any regretion when I look back the short youth of college in the future. Thanks


There are four key points to study English: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Firstly, we should be brave to talk with others in English. By doing this, we can improve ore talking and listening skill. Secondly, we should try to listen to all kinds of English programmes as much as possible. In this way, we can gradually improve our pronunciation. Thirdly, we should often read English books. When we come across a new word. We should guess its meaning through the contest first. Then look it up in the dictionary to have a check. I thin,, it is a good way of reading. Fourthly, we should practice our writing skills. Whenever we have any idea, we should get the pen and write it down at once. It is very important to avoid writing in Chinese way and using the Chinese grammar. As long as we listen, speak, read and write more, we are sure to make remarkable progress


My university life is interesting and different with before. we do not have to attend class everyday and i live with many classmates in dorm, far away with parents. At first, I got very nervous whenever I have to give my opinion and make a presentation in class, because I had not had such experiences before. However, I think that it is the valuable experiences to get accustomed to express my own opinions and feelings. Teachers come and go for various lectures and u can choose to attend some. it seems all are easy and free.A pleasant part of university life is long vacations. It is very good to consider a plan. I am considering about staying in Australia in next summer vacation. I think it will be an enjoyable vacation and an opportunity for me to get an incentive for the language study


The English language, or speech, is very easy to learn,as long as one does not use Chinese, too often, to burnEnglish, and into Chinese one always turn,eventually, not much English, one is able to earn.Good luck.

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